audiovisual 2-channel-installation
2 HD-projektions on two opposite walls
4.1 sound, molton
9 min 20 s (loop)

Senke is an audiovisual 2-channel-installation for an elongated room. Whereas the two opposite front sides of the room are being projected upon and therefore are in constant movement, the two longitudinal sides consist of walls of molton and form the fixed local limitations of the room, as well as the entrance to the installation.
Blue and white curtains and abstracted surfaces push themselves from all sides into the frame of the projected image, a slow and precise choreography, that opens and closes the room.
The sound, which almost solely consists of completely untransformed to strongly transformed recordings of waterfalls, gives evidence of different constitutions of spaciality that are being interjected into the exhibition space.
On the visual basis a blue curtain served as the only source material for the videos, being disfiguered beyond recogniction at some parts.
The collaboration of image and sound evokes the question of distance and a space behind. The exhibition space is constantly being transformed in its dimensions, its atmosphere and its density, floating in a state between undefined vastness and sharp closure.