13 clay objects
variable dimensions
installation 2,30 x 2,80 m

The lines we draw when moving through a city are determined by its historical developments of the past centuries.
Equally, the green areas of a city are a testimony of urban development. They have been cut by streets and buildings, like stones are being washed by the weather, and appear like a strange irregular pattern on city maps.
I wanted to create a map of a different Paris. Of a Paris, that is characterised by the form of its parks, cemeteries and other green areas.
The position on the wall of the selected 13 clay objects corresponds to their original geographic dispersion in the urban space of Paris.
The choice of the selected green areas wasn’t made on the basis of their significance or size, but rather due to their radical and distinctive forms, as the one of Buttes-Chaumont.
Whereas some forms indicate a painterly gesture, seeming either abstract or concrete, others have a strange cutting pattern-like character.