paper, water colour pencil, doubling glue
120 x 135 cm

Our perception of Cloud moves between sensibilities - between slightly and clearly emerging colours, between the fragility of paper and it’s invasive cuts and foldings, between blurred fog of colours and distinct forms.
Is the indicated blue real, and where does it come from? Is there a rational logic in the system of the folded papers and the composition of the four fragments?
Our sensations seem to rearrange with every perspective that we experience.
The paper gives evidence of it’s preceding treatment. The state of showing is at the same time an event between withdrawal and giving a hint of the process of the work.
The backside of the paper carries a strong colouring, which is scarcely perceivable, but that changes everything.
Even if we don’t know the original power, it becomes visible through it’s effects.
What withdraws itself manifests itself out of the invisible space between the wall and the surface of the paper.