safety matches
audiovisual 2-channel-installation
2 HD-projections in a corner,
stereo sound
8 min 20 s (loop)

sound in collaboration with Manuel Sékou

‚Safety Matches‘ was developed as an installation with two projections on two walls, that meet in a corner.
On a formal basis as well as regards content „Safety Matches“ poses the question about what lies behind, within these closed walls and thematises the corner as a compositional element.
As a starting material served 50 love locks of unknown couples that the artist cut loose from Pont Neuf in Paris with a bolt cutter and then took them as a souvenir back to Germany.
By projecting on two walls meeting in a corner, the images influence each other, they colour each other, sometimes almost extinguish each other.
It is a play in the „inbetween“ of against and with each other, but the offspring of all movements is the corner, out of where everything seems to come, or where it eventually will meet.