Conversation Piece
audiovisual 2-channel-installation
2 HD-projections next to each other
stereo sound
4 min 53 s (loop)

Conversation piece is a dialogue between two projections next to each other.
Each projection shows a chain of associative images with only few, profane actors: the leaf, the nut, the bowl, water, sand and the hand that moves them.
The sound on the one hand consists of punctual sounds, for instance familiar magic wand sounds, and on the other hand of areal sound structures resembling distorted church choirs. The objects and minimal actions obtain a fairytale-like and sometimes female-sexual symbolic value.
Images, that almost comletely resemble each other are positioned next to each other, but being never the same. Are they actions in different time at the same place?
Or does each projection show reactions on previously shown actions in the other projection?
Rhythm and moments in the projections resemble a never ending dance, where everything builds up on each other, where conclusions are drawn and ideas are woven further on.